Important instructions

All the changes in school records of foreigner students possessing the international student (D-2) visa (e.g. enter the school, leave of absence, exclusion, and graduation, etc.) shall be reported to the immigration office, and D-2 visa is automatically deleted. This is applied regardless of the length of stay indicated on the visa, and they shall depart to their countries within 1 month from the date of report. If violating this, students will become an illegal person that is requested to depart to the country, and there may be disadvantage to the issuance of the visa in the future.

Leave of absence

Types of leave of absence

  • Regular leave of absence, recommended leave of absence, pregnancy, birth, and vacation from child-birth

Period of application

휴학 신청시기의 구분, 1학기, 2학기에 대한 표
Classification 1st semester 2nd semester
1st January to February July to August
2nd Early March Early September
3rd End of March End of September

※ Please refer to the school event schedule for detailed period of the leave on absence

Application procedures

Period of leave of absence

  • The period shall be calculated with 2 semesters that cannot exceed 8 semesters in total (2 semesters for medicine and veterinary departments). Even if the period for leave on absence is expired, it is only available to apply up to 8 semesters with 2 semesters at a time if circumstances are acknowledged to hinder the study. General leave of absence is available with 2 semesters, but students are able to return to school after one semester of the leave on absence.

Return to school

Apply for the return to school

  • Apply at the Gaesinnuri system(
    ※ Gaesinnuri → Student service → School records (personal information) → Apply for the return

Period of returning to the schoool

  • Period of returning to the schoool : Students shall return to the school prior to the start of the next semester expired with the leave of absence
    • 1st semester : Until January to February, 2nd semester: Until July to August
    • International student visa (D-2) shall be newly issued. Therefore, application for the return to school shall be completed until the mid-January and mid-July.
    • Once the application is approved, students shall request the standard permission to
  • Limit on the return to school in reverse semesters : Students not completing the school work in the freshmen in the departments. However, students with permission from the department may apply in official letter.