Important instructions

Exclusion of all the international students with international student (D-2) visa shall be reported to the immigration office. If there are changes, D-2 visa is automatically deleted. This is applied regardless of the length of stay, and students shall depart to the country within 1 month from the date of report. If violating this, students become illegal people, and are requested to leave the country, and may be limited to the issuance of the visa in the future.


  • Students not returning to the school without valid reasons after the period of the leave on absence
  • Students entering to the department from other colleges
  • Students acknowledged not to have a possibility to continue studying due to death or disease
  • Students not applying for the class register during the pre-determined period or not paying the tuition
  • Students exceeding the school years
  • Students receiving academic probation for more than 3 times

*Academic probation

  • Academic probation is given to students with GPA of 1.75 or lower in every semester for undergraduate. Students available to graduate by fulfilling requirements or exceeding the regular number of semesters may be exempted.
  • Students receiving academic probation for 3 times in a row are excluded.

Application procedures for withdrawal

  • Prepare for the withdrawal application
  • Consultation and confirmation from the department chair
  • Consultation and confirmation from the international students support center
  • Submit it to the withdrawal department office

※ Students shall depart to the country within 30 days after the approval of the withdrawal