Change of major

  • Students scheduled to become sophomore or juniors move to a different department (department, undergraduate, major) in the same school year.


  • Students scheduled to become sophomore or junior
* As a student attending the university during the period of application before the announcement, students shall be scheduled to be a sophomore on the 1st semester or junior on the 1st semester.Therefore, students on a leave of absence or those who have completed the reverse semester (three semesters or five semesters) cannot apply for the change of major.

Range of acceptance

  • 20% or less of the admission quota for each department (10% of engineering and agricultural colleges).However, the number of juniors shall be calculated by reducing the number of students in the same department (department, major) before the previous year.
    ※ Available number of students to be selected from each department shall be notified in each college in case of a notice to be sent in the school year by each department dean.

Period of the application for change of major (receipt)

  • Early January in each year (separate notice is given for the period of application for change of major during December)

Limit on the change of major

  • Change of major is only available once when students attend the school (criteria of successful change of major)
  • Only juniors are eligible if preferred in the department or major in the same recruitment unit
  • If the number of students in each major unit is lower than 10, change of major may be limited to other departments (major or minor)

Procedures of change of major

  • 01Student Prepare for the application of change of major, attach transcript, obtain approval from the mentor and department dean from the department or major, and submit it to the administrative office in the current department.
  • 02College students belonging to Department chair shall decide whether to approve the application and submit related documents to the department chair.
  • 03Supporting colleges Department chair students are applying to shal select qualified candidates in each department or major and request the approval to the dean.
  • 04Department supporting office Notify the department or college of the admitted students after the permission procedures with the dean
  • 05Applying college The Dean should form "GPA" of the ex-convict and submit to the correlating department.

Customer method

  • Department chair students are applying to shall classify the criteria to written test, interview test, or other methods, but more than 2 methods including interview test, or written test shall be implemented.
    ※ Ratio of the reflection for each selection method of students on change of the major shall not exceed 50%, respectively.