All the international students at Chungbuk National University shall subscribe to national health insurance and private insurance at the same time.

National health insurance

Obligatory subscription of international students on national health insurance in 2021

  • Obligatory subscription policy for foreigners or international students residing in Korea for more than 6 months has been applied from March 1, 2021.
  • Students with international student visa (D-2) or foreigners shall subscribe immediately to them.
  • Please ask questions about the national health insurance to public corporation.
    • Foreigner civil complaints center : 1577-1000, extension 7 for foreign language service
    • 033-811-2000 Available with foreign language (English, Chinese, Vitnamese, and Uzbekistan)
    • Time : 9am to 6pm

Subjects for the subscription

  • International students and foreigners
    ※ Students not arriving to Korea may not subscribe to the national health insurance


  • When firstly arriving to Korea → Date of registration for foreigners/If not registered as a foreigner → From March 1, 2021


  • Automatically process if international students do not separately apply for them. Notice is to be sent along with health insurance certificate to the address in Korea.
  • Students shall visit national health public corporation nearby for the following cases.
    • If intending to pay for the insurance premium with family members (spouse or under-aged children)
    • If foreigners or overseas Koreans also subscribe to the insurance in Korea (submit the school registration)
    • If there are changes in the residential address, passport number, and qualifications of the stay

Insurance cost

  • KRW 43,490 in 2021 (if acquired on March 1st)
  • Insurance cost in April : KRW 39,540 + KRW 3,950 for the first installment among 10 installments in March
    ※ Payment due : Payment for the next month shall be made due on the 25th of every month

How to pay for the insurance

  • Payment for the next month shall be made due on the 25th of every month

How to pay for the insurance

  • Apply for the electronic notice, automatic payment, or refund account : Telephone, homepage, international student civil complaint center, or national health insurance public corporation
  • Available to apply with email notice or mobile notice instead of a mail
  • Convenient payment with automatic payment application. Fast payment is available with the registration of refund account.

Benefits of health insurance

  • Available to use from the date of subscription

Disadvantages for not paying for the insurance premium

  • Limit in the insurance allowance : No benefit from insurance is to be given from hospital or clinic until the payment is paid in full from the 1st of the following month from the due date.
  • Limit including the extension of visa : Disadvantage may occur when applying for the permission of the stay including the extension of the visa to the department of justice.
  • Default : There will be a request to make payment in a certain period. If failing to make payment within such a period, there may be a collective action including the seizure of real estate, vehicle, or deposit.

Policy information video (QR code or URL)

보험 제도안내 국가별(한국어(KOR),영어(ENG),중국어(CHN),베트남어(VTN))동영상 QR코드 및 URL에 대한 표

Private insurance (School group insurance or individual student insurance)

  • Even if subscribed to the national health insurance, students shall subscribe to a private insurance to prepare for the cases not guaranteed by the national health insurance.
  • When subscribing to the school group insurance, no separate insurance certificate is required. If personally subscribed to the insurance, the insurance certificate shall be submitted.

School group insurance

  • Insurance name : DB Damage Indemnity Insuranc
  • Subjects : Foreign undergraduate school students, graduate school students, and auditing students
  • How to subscribe : Subscribe through the insurance company homepage
  • Insurance period : From March every year to February in the following year
  • Insurance cost : From KRW 50 thousand to KRW 60 thousand every year

※ Once confirmed, it is scheduled to be notified on the homepage every semester.