Types of online certificate

Education payment certificate, transcript (Korean and English), completion certificate (Korean and English), completion scheduled certificate (Korean and English), entrance certificate (Korean and English), proof of enrollment (Korean and English), graduation certificate (Korean and English), and school records, etc.

How to issue

01 How to issue
Access to the homepage of general service center at Chungbuk National University (https://www.chungbuk.ac.kr/site/f09/main.do)
→ Click on the Internet issuance
02 How to issue
Enter personal number and password and click on the login button
  • Personal number : 10 digits for student and 6 digits for employment number for staffs
  • Use ID/PW from Gaesinnuri (overall information system)
03 How to issue
Click on the ID selection button
  • Classify ID and confirm the organization and click on application button
04 How to issue
Click on the employment button
  • Select the number of copy for certificate issuance, and select option (date/whether to indicate) and click on the application button
05 How to issue
Confirm the application certificate
  • Click on the employment print or email send in the processing results