Registration of Foreigner

If intending to stay for more than 91 days in Korea, foreigners shall visit immigration center in the jurisdiction and issue foreigner registration slip.

Subjects for the registration of foreigner

  • New students (students firstly arriving to Korea)
  • Current students and auditing students arriving to Korea with new visa (D-2)

Application period

  • Within 90 days from the date of entry (recommend to apply within 2 weeks from the start of semester)

Period required to issue

  • 2 to 4 weeks

Documents to submit

  • Integrated application
  • Copy of passport, Copy of visa
  • Proof of enrollment (Issued by overall service center N10-106)
  • 1 Photo (3.5cm*4.5cm, white background) *submit photo within 3 months
  • Documents as a proof of residency (choose 1 below)
    • Proof of move-in at a dorm
    • Real estate contract paper
    • Confirmation of residing dorm, copy of ID from room provider, and room provider real estate contract paper
  • Application fee : KRW 30,000

※ Date of fingerprint registration : Separate notice (relevant only to international students arriving to Korea for the first time, except for all other international students previously registered with fingerprint)

How to apply

  • Group application : Separate notice from the international student support center
  • Personal application : Make reservation at HiKorea( and visit Cheongju immigration office to apply

Re-issuance of foreigner registration slip

  • Subjects

    Lost or damaged foreigner registration slip, etc.
  • Period

    Within 14 days from the date of causes
  • How to apply

    Visit Cheongju immigration center and apply
  • Documents in application

    Application, passport, photo, and fee of KRW 30,000

Return foreigner registration slip

  • Period of returning the slip : Return at the airport if departing to their country due to vacation, withdrawal, or graduation

※ Students on the leave of absence shall be re-issued with foreigner registration slip after returning to school.